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Keeping Your Home Renovation Smooth & Stress-Free

Let’s face it, having home renovations done, big or small, is disruptive.

Having a bunch of strangers moving through your house spreading dirt and making noise isn’t fun.

Whether your renovation is urgent because of a problem or something you have wished for years to complete, it can still be a real hassle.

We at Revolution Projects understand this because have been creating quality home renovations on the Gold Coast for years.

We wouldn’t like the stress either. That is why we ensure that your renovation is as smooth and stress free as possible.

For a professional team with the experience to keep your project running as smooth as possible, contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your upcoming project.

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Choosing Your Builder

First, you need to choose the right builder for you. Local firms like Revolution Projects are there for you with personal and tailored service that would be very different than dealing with a national company.

Word of mouth is always the best recommendation, but don’t stop there. With the internet it’s easy to check out builders in your area.

Look for a proven track record. Maybe you have some contacts in the building trade? Do some research first, take your time and when you have a builder in mind, take the next step.

Sort Your Finances

In reality, this should be your very first thought, but often we get so wrapped in what we need or want to do, it takes second place.

Make sure that you have enough money to cover all your costs. There’s always some hidden costs to any project, some not directly caused by your home renovation, but they pop up, nevertheless. 

If you are strapped for cash there are banks and other financial institutions that will give loans for home renovations. The last thing you want is money worries during your project.


It’s important that you really know what you want done. Make it clear what you want so that the final result is exactly how you imagined it.

A frank discussion of your ideas or dreams will certainly help both you and your contractor get the best outcome in the project.

Draw up some plans on paper. Crude or not, it doesn’t matter, as this lets your builder see what you expect from the process.


If you plan on staying in your house while the renovations take place, then it is best to schedule it at a time when there is less going on in your life and you have a bit more free time.

This is especially important if you have a family. Normal routines and schedules are knocked out of sync and stress levels can go through the roof with discontented kids or partner. 

Your One-Stop Option

At Revolution Projects, we are experienced in all stages of the renovation process. Because of that, the tips above are there to help you develop a positive mental attitude before you dive into your home renovation on the Gold Coast.

We hope to take the hassle out of construction and we put ourselves forward as the best one-stop stress-free options in the region. For a no-strings-attached free quote, call us today or send us a message to discuss your needs and start your renovation journey with us.

Complete Home Renovations

There are a lot of steps involved in a home renovation and we will always ensure every aspect gets the due care it deserves. The first essential step is planning, and this will impact every other stage of the renovation process. During planning, our team will create designs based on your requirements, provide costings and manage your budget and make the required applications for permits and approvals.

There could be elements of the project that you decide to DIY as well, and we can guide you through this process. For example, it is never recommended that you attempt your own plumbing or electrical work, but other jobs like sanding and painting could be elements you do yourself to save money.

When it is time to commence work, the first step is any demolition work that is required. This will be carried out in line with Australian standards, so there is no risk to people or property. Then, the electricians and plumbers will come in to complete their work. If there are any air-conditioners or other HVAC requirements, they will be installed at this point as well.

The building process comes next, with all framing and drywall erected for your new structure, which is then painted, tiled or surfaced with your chosen wall, floor and ceiling coverings. Cabinets, fixtures, doors and windows are then added to your renovated room(s). The flooring is the final big job and then our team will inspect every element, clean and trim all finishes and ensure your home is completely cleared of construction materials.

Bathroom Renovations

The planning for a bathroom project is highly detailed because you are dealing with limited space and every element needs to be meticulously planned and designed. Every bathroom project is different. Sometimes, you may just require some new tiles and fixtures to give your space a facelift, while other times, clients want their existing bathroom gutted and a new one installed.

If you need inspiration, our designers can help bring out your personality and put together plans for a bathroom that meets all of your lifestyle requirements.

There are many elements to consider for a small space, including the plumbing and lighting, as well as waterproofing, tiling, plastering, fixtures and tapware and all of the individual elements you require. The plumbing and lighting is the essential first step as you need to be assured that you will have easy access to both.

Then, the building team is assembled and coordinated, including the tiler, plasterer, plumber, electrician and painter. There is a lot that goes into transforming such a small space. Utilities will be turned off during this process, so it is important that it is correctly planned so the actual labour, demolition and construction process can be completed as rapidly as possible. All of the trades services will come in one after the other, including installing the plumbing, wiring, walls, tiles and all other elements of your bathroom.

Kitchen Renovations

This process is very similar to your bathroom renovation as we are dealing with limited space and essential plumbing (and sometimes gas) requirements. The initial planning will need to take in all of the changes and additions you would like and to plan the utilities around them. For example, if you want an island, the planning needs to ensure plumbing can be easily supplied to your new sink on the island.

The planning process for kitchens is meticulous as there are many factors to consider, including your cabinets and storage, tapware, fixtures, flooring and spaces for your modern appliances. Our designers will take all of your ideas and generate a functional plan that meets your lifestyle requirements.

Once all permits and approvals have been received, work can commence. All of the fixtures and components would have been pre-ordered and demolition works can be carried out. Then the whole space is measured out – twice – to ensure there are no errors like doors that will open out and collide with each other and plumbing that is misaligned. The expert builder and tradesperson team will then assemble your new kitchen and ensure all waste is removed so you are ready to enjoy your new space.

Small renovations

No matter how small the project, the planning and design process remains just as important. You should never attempt to DIY plumbing, electrical work or construction without the proper credentials and experience.

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