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How To Avoid Custom Home Design Mistakes

Here at Revolution Projects, we want to make sure that you make all the right choices along the way to achieving your dream home. With building approvals across Australia increasing by 21.6%, custom builds are increasingly popular.

To avoid some common mistakes made in the designing process of your custom home, we have created a list to remind you of what to avoid when planning and designing and building with custom home builders on the Gold Coast.

Making your plans before you have the land to work with.

The problem with this is that the land is an extremely vital factor that has to be considered when planning and designing your custom home.

Because of this, it should be incorporated throughout the planning, rather than finally considered at the end.

The land stands as the foundation of your future build, so it needs to be the first step of your custom home process.

Not giving the planning and designing process enough dedication and time.

As mentioned, the planning and designing process is extremely important for a custom build, and to make mistakes at this step sets you up for a difficult and potentially costly build.

If you instead take the time to devote your energies to this part of the process, there are less likely to be bumps and difficulties along the way.

Also, it is worth noting that pre-construction mistakes and changes are a lot less expensive than those that are made once the construction is already underway.

Not being able to distinguish between the needs and the wants of your custom home.

Many custom home builds and designs come with a lot of sacrifices that have to be made, whether that is the result of economic expenses, issues with the size of the land or if the overall plan just isn’t feasible.

This is where the difference between wants and needs comes into focus. Being able to set aside what you want and focusing on what you need can really improve the design progress.

Of course, we don’t want you to feel as though you must sacrifice all the wants for your build, but perhaps these wants can be brought in later in the construction of the build.

Not considering the spacing or storage of your custom build properly.

An extremely common mistake is ignoring how much storage you may need in your new build. This is something that should be incorporated into the design to maximise space and the aesthetics of your build, rather than having to place storage cupboards and wardrobes where there isn’t enough room.

Similarly, planning open spaces for your home that are too large can have a detrimental effect, as sometimes large open spaces can seem too bare and run the risk of making your home look cold and empty.

To avoid this, focus on how much space you really need and how you want the space to feel, rather than marvelling at the thought of a huge living room.

Revolution Projects has an expert team of custom home builders on the Gold Coast who can help you through each step of the planning, designing and construction of your custom new build. If you have any questions or queries about our services, contact us directly today to discuss your upcoming project.

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