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I Want A Custom Home, But Where Do I Start?

It has always been your dream to build your own house from scratch, and now you are ready to begin the process properly.

Before you start organising the digging out the foundations and purchasing all the materials you need, you may need to speak to specialist custom home builders on the Gold Coast, like Revolution Projects.

We can give you some idea of where to start in the process.

Decide what you can afford

We might all dream of having a luxury mansion, but the truth is that most of us simply cannot afford it.

Your first step should always be to speak to a lender, either your bank or a financial broker, who can give you a better idea of exactly what your budget is, and what your next move should be. 

Planning a budget

Calculating the costs of building your custom home design can help you to feel more secure when you start to talk to builders like Revolution Projects.

With this budget in mind, you need to decide whether you can go ahead with the design which is already planned without any adjustments.

Research regulations

If you want to build your dream home, you need to make sure that it complies with state regulations.

They can vary between each state, so it is essential that you are checking out the right information for your future home in Queensland.

This can also affect the land that you buy, some builders will not build on a plot with a significant slope for example.

Have a design in mind

When you come to speak to Revolution Projects, you will need to have plans of your custom house design with you.

Make sure that this design allows you to maximise the amount of land that you have, as well as giving you all of the space inside the home that you want.

Find a suitable inspector

You will need to have all of your construction work inspected by a Queensland state approved consultant. They will be able to make sure that everything is done according to legislation, and that you end up with a home which meets all of the regulations and codes for your area.

Speak to expert builders

When you are looking for expert custom home builders on the Gold Coast, then you need to look no further than Revolution Projects.

To start your building journey, you can message us online or call 0432 241 217 now. You can also read more about how custom home builders can help you in this previous post.

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