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Owner Builder Vs Professional Builder

Undertaking a major home renovation or deciding to build a new home from scratch can be an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of decisions. One of these is deciding between taking the steps to become an owner-builder or hiring the services of a professional builder. So, let’s take a look at both options to help you decide which one is best for you.

What is an owner-builder?

An owner-builder is someone who takes on their home renovation or new build project by themselves. They don’t necessarily have to do all of the actual building work, but they must oversee and manage the project including arranging insurance and complying with legal requirements and building codes, amongst other things. Owner-builders must also work towards gaining a permit that, in many cases, requires taking part in a course. There are limitations in place as to what an owner-builder can do with a project, for example, an additional licence is required for an owner-builder to build commercial buildings or take on any plumbing or gas fitting work at the property.

What is a professional builder?

When you’re considering undertaking an expensive project at your home, a professional opinion can’t be underestimated. A professional builder is qualified to oversee and plan a new build or renovation with you and will ensure a high-quality transformation that is completed by a team of knowledgeable and experienced builders.

Advantages of hiring a professional builder:

– Reliability and safety

By utilising the services of a professional builder, or team of builders, you are guaranteed reliability and safety within your building project. Unlike owner-builders, professional builders are covered by insurance, meaning that you and your money are protected throughout the building process. Home Warranty Insurance cover is also accessible with the use of a professional builder, therefore your build is even more protected.

– Experience and relevant knowledge

Professional builders have extensive experience and relevant knowledge of the construction industry, which increases the quality of your project. Professional builders are readily equipped with the valuable knowledge of local, state-wide and national Australian building codes and regulations to ensure that your project exists within the requirements.

– High-quality projects

As a result of their experience and connections across the industry, you’re guaranteed a satisfactory, high-quality project that matches your vision and transforms your home for the better. Your project will be completed to the highest standard, right down to the finest detail, as professional builders are extremely passionate about their profession and achieving success.

– Works in line with your budget

Professional builders can be trusted to adhere to and work in line with your budget. A good professional builder will be able to tell you whether your project vision will be possible within your budget and can suggest appropriate adjustments where necessary. A professional builder’s priority is client satisfaction and financial security within the building process.

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