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Taking Your New Home to The Next Level

If you are designing the home of your dreams, then you should be thinking about the quality of your long-term investment rather than trying to cut corners.

Partnering with a quality building company means working with team members who have more experience and talent than most—and these two things are absolutely vital when it comes to maximum satisfaction and execution of a plan to build a new home.

When you pay for the best, you expect the best.

At Revolution Projects, we’re the high-end builders you can trust to bring your luxury new home build to life on the Gold Coast.

There is a level of invention and creativity that comes along with hiring a high-end building company—and this is the creativity we will put to great use when you show us your plans. By working with you and your building designer or architect, we’ll help make the best adjustments for the long-term success of your build.

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Poolside On Attadale Project — Luxury Home Builders in Gold Coast, NSW
Wooden Stairs With Glass Railing — Luxury Home Builders in Gold Coast, NSW

Why Build with Us?

When you hire a professional building company for your building work, more guarantees and assurances will be included in the contract.

You take a risk when hiring unknown and unproven builders for a lower fee, but with an experienced company, like Revolution Projects, there is the peace of mind they are going to do everything by the book.

That’s why you should partner with our experts. We understand no two projects are the same and can adjust our methods according to your needs to ensure a luxury custom build every time.

Feel free to contact Revolution Projects with any questions you might have. One of our trained and experienced team members will be more than happy to provide the answers you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travis Egar, our owner, has personally spent 16 years in the industry. With our experienced staff in place, it gives our team a large, combined total of 26 years’ experience.

Our Master Builder and owner Travis will personally be overseeing the job from start to finish. He takes great pride in being there every step of the way and ensuring the highest quality finish is achieved in all aspects of the job is also of the utmost importance to him. Travis is ready to be there with you throughout this life changing journey.

26 Years’ Combined Experience

Master Builder Licensed

100+ Luxury Home Projects Completed